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For Davidson A+E, our work is more than designing a building; we are designing your success, meeting your goals, and protecting your interests. Regardless of size, scope or cost, your project will receive the same attention from our team of architects.
DA+E prides itself in staying true to the core values upon which the firm was founded: Listening to and being responsive and proactive to client's needs, engaging in constant and interactive communication among all design and construction team members, paying close attention to details, and providing superior service to our client and their project. 

Davidson A+E is continually recognized for meeting clients’ needs both functionally and aesthetically while being true to our values of being keepers of the built environment. We are proud of these accomplishments and are committed to providing exemplary service and continue to examine and implement methods to ensure our clients success. 


DA+E's civil department works closely with our land planners, landscape architects and designers to create a seamless transition between concept and reality on many of our projects.However, the engineering staff also works closely with municipalities, developers and a wide range of clients as a stand-alone consultant. The civil department designs infrastructure such as site development, streets, storm-water management and traffic and pedestrian access.Staying true to our core value of listening, being responsive and proactive to our client's needs, the engineers at DA+E understand solutions, not excuses are what the client needs. This is accomplished by examining the project conceptually while understanding the details create projects that work and exceed expectations.


I2D - Insight 2 Design
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I2D - Insight 2 Design
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The design of an interior environment has a profound impact on productivity and corporate image. The physical space a business presents can go a long way when defining the character of your company. It can also assist in getting the best production from your personnel. Subtle changes such as light and color can greatly enhance the work environment, leading to better business success.

Davidson A+E has successfully completed hundreds of thousands of square feet of interior space. The experience we have gained allows us to work efficiently and promptly, enabling us to quickly identify a direction for the project.

Properly programming and planning your space will ensure your success, as well as function for the growth that is sure to follow. 


We are planners. We are designers. We are problem solvers. We are working for you and are here to guide you through the entire building process. The project managers at DA+E will ensure that the business owners end goals are met and exceeded. Programming services help business owners make critical decisions for their new construction projects. DA+E uses their programming services to deliver a thorough evaluation and present key information that the business owner may not have thought of or considered. Programming services give clients a careful analysis of their project goals. This allows them to refine these goals and clarify base information prior to the site planning and building design phases with ease and ensure the success of the project as a whole.
Davidson A+E has been instrumental in creating planned environments in a variety of developments. Experience in business parks, retail centers, multi-family, and mixed-use developments have given DA+E a benchmark for planning, spatial and environmental relationships crucial to any successful plan.
With our civil engineers and architects working closely together, DA+E is a valuable resource for any development by providing a single source design team. This integration of disciplines offers accountability and enhanced risk management, ensuring the process will be seamless from start to finish.



Land/Site development success is a direct result of effective land planning. Utilizing the concepts of a sound planning program, coupled with DA+E’s years of experience, will ensure the success of the construction process, as well as the leasing and sale of a development. DA+E has an extensive resume of retail, commercial, and residential development in a wide variety of municipalities. Understanding ordinances and regulations ensure the civil engineering will work efficiently for the developed site.


To help determine the constructability and budget for a project, DA+E’s engineering staff works closely with our architects and planners from the start. Collaborative site comparison and selection adds a layer of protection for the owner, insuring roadway access, flood potential, drainage, utility availability, and review agency approval. Seamless site design is our ultimate goal, giving the owner the peace of mind that the plan is done right, completed on-time, and on-budget.